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NEW : Summer 2021

Our new structure :
p’tit flon preschool

From 30 months until the beginning of the school year

  • A bilingual French-English preschool programme
  • A gradual preparation for school life
  • Every day, your child will be immersed in a bilingual world and will be exposed to English and French in a playful and natural way by practicing the activities he or she prefers.
  • Learning is done without pressure and with respect for the child's individuality. The child's social, emotional, creative, physical and cognitive abilities are stimulated through targeted activities according to a carefully prepared program by professional English-speakers


What if you were flexible?

Does the day care no longer accommodate new children? Sometimes for planning reasons places become available at various hours for a short period. We can offer you these beneficial places.

Conditions :

  • You have to sign a basic contract which is supplemented by endorsements valid for a fixed period and which indicates the available days and hours for the following time at least one month in advance.

Your advantages :

  • You do not have to respect any notice of termination or rate change.
  • You only pay for the actual days of presence of your child (however, holidays and sickness must be announced)
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Having fun while learning

Our day care environment consists of a stimulating setting for the benefit of your child's cognitive development. This place encourages social interactions to promote language learning and allows your child to develop their own personality.

We are completely dedicated to the education of your children.

Our groups

We focus on teaching children about the world that surrounds us through arts and music as well as sensory and social experiences. Each child has a unique personality and we try to promote and to adapt according to it.

bébé Nursery Lausanne

The first steps in life are the most important. It is the time of the development of the senses, of the awareness of the existence of others and of oneself.


Littles wolfs 0-12m

garderie explorateurs Lausanne

Energy, excitement, laughter, movement, curiosity, these are mainly the dominants that define this age group in search of the discovery of this new world.


Little explorers 12-20m

Nurserie enfants Lausanne

It's time to experiment! With all their new acquisitions, children develop their physical abilities, learn autonomy and the pleasure of playing with their friends! Through these new experiences, they learn self-esteem.


Little adventurers 20-30m

Nurserie enfants Lausanne

It is the period of learning and first initiations to mathematics, writing, reading, art, it is the bridge that will allow its blossoming. This is the direction in which we will accompany him.


Preschool 30+

Stimulate its development

A child's learning begins at birth and continues gradually throughout childhood. Our nursery is part of the "Youp'là bouge" project which consists of offering continuous training to our staff to set up a movement program which is an integral part of everyday life and daily activities. More information : Youp'là Bouge!

crèche en mouvement Lausanne
play nursery Lausanne


art nursery Lausanne


have fun nursery Lausanne

I and the world

Explore nursery Lausanne


language nursery Lausanne


nursery Lausanne Flon

Emotional security

6 axes

of our pedagogy


Sensory and body representation workshops, motor skills courses


Music, theatre, drawing, cooking, crafts

I and the world

Learning to collaborate, to share, to respect the rules of the community and the environment


Passing on the desire to learn, stimulating curiosity, giving meaning to learning


Enrichment of language through rhymes and songs, reading stories

Emotional security

Secure environment, respect for the child's individuality, response to his needs

nuage garderie Lausanne

We organize a personalized environment for each child

p'tit flon makes the difference


  1. Spacious premises

    Your child will enjoy beautiful areas, a neat and welcoming interior as well as a wide range of educational material.

  2. An exceptional situation

    Our day care is situated in an accessible and attractive part of the city, the heart of the Flon district. This can be beneficial especially for working parents. Parking spaces are available in front of the day care.

  3. An exciting educational space

    Your child will enjoy beautiful spaces, a neat and welcoming interior as well as a rich educational material.

  4. Healthy and varied diet

    Our green fork label guarantees your child to have a balanced and quality diet essential for their health, growth and development.

  5. Activities

    There are a lot of fun activities geared towards learning more about arts, music, sport and science.

  6. A team of enthusiasts

    Our employees are qualified and passionate about their work. They spare no effort to be exceptional.

Your children need a balanced diet

The habit of eating healthy is forged from an early age. We offer two menus to choose from with or without meat. See more on the following link :

fruits crèche ptit Flon


légumes garderie Lausanne


Céréales nurserie Lausanne


Protéines nurserie Lausanne



Before registering your child, please consult the regulations for parents.

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